The rants and waffles of a Tattooed Pagan DIDer.............(Dissociative Identity Disorder)..
Is married to the most amazing man, my big strong knight in shinning armour with ME/C.F.S and rheumatoid arthritis and god know how many other illness and aliments.He will always be the love of my life with every breath I take from this life time and all those that follow. . x

I'm a tattooed witch (yes the real kind not the charmed sort) who has DID Dissociative Identity Disorder AKA /MPD Multiple Personality disorder. NO! I am not mad, I am unique or so my therapist tells me, to cope the extreme prolonged sexual abuse that was inflicted upon us as a child. I have a lovely man who has C.F.S/M.E who I Married and we are spend this life time together until we get bored and moved into the next one..... IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY VIEW'S THEN DELETE ME, I EARNED THE RIGHT TO HAVE THOSE VIEWS..I hate trolls who play at having DID it's not big and its not clever. I have lived with DID for MANY MANY MANY years please think before you troll our way.........If you wish to know something you have only to ask,

March 18, 2012 at 9:18pm


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