The rants and waffles of a Tattooed Pagan DIDer.............(Dissociative Identity Disorder)..
Is married to the most amazing man, my big strong knight in shinning armour with ME/C.F.S and rheumatoid arthritis and god know how many other illness and aliments.He will always be the love of my life with every breath I take from this life time and all those that follow. . x

I'm a tattooed witch (yes the real kind not the charmed sort) who has DID Dissociative Identity Disorder AKA /MPD Multiple Personality disorder. NO! I am not mad, I am unique or so my therapist tells me, to cope the extreme prolonged sexual abuse that was inflicted upon us as a child. I have a lovely man who has C.F.S/M.E who I Married and we are spend this life time together until we get bored and moved into the next one..... IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY VIEW'S THEN DELETE ME, I EARNED THE RIGHT TO HAVE THOSE VIEWS..I hate trolls who play at having DID it's not big and its not clever. I have lived with DID for MANY MANY MANY years please think before you troll our way.........If you wish to know something you have only to ask,

March 23, 2012 at 10:16pm


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    This is such a problem for me. It isn’t headmates, it’s me. I can’t stop thinking, ever, and then I end up speeding down...
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